American Pay to Wed Chinese Girl

American Pay to Wed Chinese Girl

A Californian gentleman and his daughter are accused by federal prosecutors of setting up fictitious unions between Americans and Chinese immigrants applying for efficient cards in order to appear more respectable to immigration officials. Jason Shiao and his child Lynn Leung could reduce their alternative tickets and be deported to Australia, where they are twin individuals, if found guilty. They ran the Fair Price Immigration Service, formerly known as the American Dream Marriage Agency.

According to court filings, the company would occasionally send pictures of the arranged brides and grooms wearing bridal clothes or on fictitious wedding trips to help them persuade immigration officers that the unions were real. In one event, a homosexual American who already had a sweetheart was recruited to marry a Chinese female, and the handful were posed for photos collectively in Las Vegas. An immigration national afterward informed the couple that, in accordance with the court papers, they were not actually wed.

Additionally, fraudulent documents and forged files, such as birth certificates and universities certificates, were used in the false marriages. According to reports searChing for wife, some American men paid between$ 50,000 and$ 100,000 to set up the marriages. Authorities claim that some of the girls in the scam who wed American guys were either underage or had been forced into marriages.

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Due to a society of “money-saving physicians,” Chinese people typically have different perspectives on income than Westerners do, and many of them save for special occasions. Because they think the family’s income should be protected in case of an emergency, they might also be cautious about how much their husbands ‘ salaries are spent.

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